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Alice Practice

Alice with a broken leg. Crystal Castles @ Terminal 5 - March 18, 2011.

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Last days in Kusadasi

I'm sitting in the Istanbul airport waiting for my flight home this morning. Its already been a long day getting up at 3:30AM to get to the airport. Found a quick WIFI spot so I'll put up a few more photos while I can then add some more when I get back.

The last several days of ...

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The day after MLK day

I Just finished my civic duty of waiting around at the Manhattan courthouse for jury duty for the 4th day and it turned out the trial I was selected to was just settled this morning so we were all let go. I did enjoy going down to that part of the city for a change and walking around Tribeca afterwards ...

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Les Savy Fav @ ATP 2008




I went to All Tomorrows Parties New York this year for my birthday. It was the best festival experience I've had. Outstanding lineup and a great venue. I finally got around to processing this set of Les Savy Fav from Saturday night of the festival. Tim Harrington puts on a great show and makes you happy to be alive ...

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Double Shot of Wolf Parade

I finally had the chance to see one of my top bands from several years ago, Wolf Parade, this past week. I had tickets for the show on July 31 for several months, then a second show the next night later opened up which I got tickets for it as well.

Both shows were a venue I frequent in Hell ...

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I was turned onto Prefuse 73 by my friend John back in Oklahoma City years ago. He got me into more electronic music in general. I have gotten to appreciate electronic music more and more. Prefuse 73 I feel is one of the more innovative and progressive. Very unique sound.

The album I've been drawn to the most by ...

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Blue Wires and Knob Twisting

Last night I made a trip out to Studio B in Brooklyn to see the Swedish electronic band The Field. Four Tet was originally supposed to headline but they canceled a few days. However, I mailny wanted to see The Field anyway so it worked out. Studio B is out in a warehouse are of Greenpoint, a short walk from ...

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Destroyer @ Bowery Ballroom

I finally saw Dan Bejar play with Destroyer last night after being into him for a few years now. He has been one of my most played artists over the past year. Not only as part of Destroyer but with his other bands Swan Lake and The New Pornographers as well. It was great to finally see him and hear ...

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Black Book and French Kicks

I went to a Black Book magazine party at 1Oak in Chelsea last night as I work near them with my new job. I was feeling kind of sick after some bad sushi but did my best to drink through it with the complimentary Skyy Vodka. I ended up having a good time anyway. I think I saw the guy ...

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Handsome Furs @ Bowery Ballroom

I saw the Handsome Furs last night at Bowery Ballroom with Emily. I'm always up for seeing most any Canadian rock band and even more so if they have any relation to Wolf Parade.

The Handsome Furs are Dan Boeckner and his wife Alexei Perry. The music is much moreo stripped down than Wolf Parade as its just Boeckner ...

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