When you blink your eyes...

Tokyo Police Club @ Bowery Ballroom

I finally got to see Tokyo Police Club last night. I had tried to get tickets several times but they always sold out quick. I got these tickets several months ago and was excited to see this one wasn't sold out yet.

The Bowery is one of my all time favorite venues to see live music. Every time its been a pleasant experience. A good show is always sold out but they don't seem to oversell the tickets so there is room to move around and even get a chair to sit down in sometimes. It has 3 bars at 3 different levels and you can usually get a drink in a short amount of time. The sound quality is always superb. The sound engineer always finds that perfect sweet spot between loud and powerful and blowing out the speakers like they do at a lot of venues. The mixing has generally been very good as well and last night was no exception. You can really feel all the instruments and the vocals come out clear and loud. The capacity is perfect, not too big or too small. It even has a balcony level where you can get a great view of the crowd and stage. To top it off the ticket prices are very reasonable, only $15 for the one last night. I went to see Kings of Leon at Roseland Ballroom several months ago. I think it was in the $30-$40 range. The place is too big and the sound sucked compared to Bowery.
Tokyo Police Club is a band of young Canadians from Toronto that have been receiving some acclaim over the last year. I read about the hype and wasn't sure if I'd like them. It is in that indie rock/pop realm, but they do it right. Its not that same old sound you hear from a lot of bands in this genre. Their music has a really fresh and exciting feeling it. I first got the A Lesson in Crime EP earlier this year and listened to it quite a bit. A few weeks ago I downloaded another single and EP from e-music which are also solid. I didn't know about half the songs they played at the show so I'm hoping the release a full length album soon.
I was pleasantly impressed with this show. They really played well, it sounded better than the recorded material which is not often the case of live music. The key was their energy and the amount of practice they have been gaining with constant touring. There is something special about seeing a band who's been touring so much and really love and believe in their music. The keyboard/percussion player was going nuts playing with so much energy. I thought he was going to break a blood vessel pounding the tambourine into his wrists so hard.

I think what really sets them apart is the young singer. He really has something. He was wearing the trendy super tight girl's jeans showing off his bird legs. He kept kicking his left leg up behind looking like a flamingo or something most of the show. I'm not sure their age right now but I read something about them being 17-18.

Overall I thought it was an excellent performance and heightened by the great venue. Off the top of my head here are a list of bands I've seen at Bowery in the last year, I need to keep going back more often.

  • The Rapture

  • Tapes 'n Tapes

  • Cold War Kids

  • Dr. Dog

  • Junior Boys

  • Sunset Rubdown

  • Les Savvy Fav