When you blink your eyes...

Everyday is like Sunday

This Charming Man
I'm relaxing on a foggy, overcast Sunday afternoon listening to The Smiths and Morrissey albums while drinking espresso. There is just something very comforting to me about listening to Morrissey sing over the jangling guitars. I also find the lyrics inspiring and helps me to think about not just accepting things as they are. I've heard people say The Smiths are sappy or cry baby music, to me that's just silly. The Smiths hit harder than most heavy hard rock bands with their wit and and sarcasm. There are times when I like the harder music but The Smiths have just been more lasting to me and I can listen to it more often.

I've just updated my current music list with some albums I've bought in the last couple of weeks. I've probably listened to the Deerhoof and Aphex Twin discs the most so far, all 4 actually turned out to be worthy purchases. Every album Deerhoof has released that I've heard is always really solid. They have a knack for moving themselves forward each album but still maintain their style. I got to see them in concert last month and it was a really great show. I was impressed. Very tight sound and great energy. I've also listened to that Aphex Twin EP Come to Daddy quite a bit. I have heard a few of the songs before but haven't actually owned a copy and given it my full attention until now. I really love it. The first 2 songs alone are worth getting it. Starts with an evil devious song with the first Come to Daddy mix then goes into a soft beautiful song on the next track. It just makes me really wonder about Richard D. James. I mean, I've always thought the guy was insane, an evil genius. But, it really shows that he has an appreciation for beauty. The contrast between good and evil there is really compelling to me. I think Richard D. James may be an interesting person to make a movie about. I've heard so many rumours about crazy personality traits and things he does. I don't know really what all is true or not.