When you blink your eyes...

Self expression

I just decided to start writing on the blog again. So here goes...

I've been taking a lot of pictures within the last couple of months. Including a new set of black and white photos from downtown Oklahoma City, Tulsa, a set from the Death From Above 1979 concert in OKC as well as a few sets of my friends that I've got a lot of positive feedback on.

Death From Above 1979 @ The Green Door

I've had some people say that some of my stuff is actually worth selling. Only recently have I started thinking that I may have some material good enough to sell. So, who knows what will happen there. I still just enjoy capturing the world as I see it. Its only been within the last 6 months or so that I've really felt I have command of my equipment and can make it do what I want to really capture the way my eyes see something. I got a new 50mm prime lens with f/1.4 that I've been using a lot lately. I try to use it exclusively for anything where people are the main focus. I can work in low light without using a flash which allows me to get much more candid poses.

I've also been getting into digital video within the last couple of months. I've always been into movies and use that and television as a learning tool in getting ideas on what is good and bad regarding composition and lighting in photographs. I figured a logical extension was to attempt to take my knowledge of still photographs into moving pictures. So far I really enjoy it. I've mainly just taken some random videos here and there but its been a lot of fun and I'm happy with the results. I've seen several situations where there was something interesting that wouldn't have made a good still photograph but turned out to be something good for video.

In addition, I've gotten back into attempting to write a screenplay. I wrote my first 15 pages today. I had been filling a notebook for months now and feel like I have a good concept for something interesting. I don't know for sure or it if it will be something I'll ever let anyone read. But it was enjoyable to let all those ideas spill out. If anything, I've got a lot of usable ideas for something if the story doesn't turn out to be something interesting. They say to write about what you know so that's what I'm writing about. At first I had trouble in not just writing down things exactly as they happened, but now I think I'm getting the hang of just being inspired by things that have happened to me and people I've met and spinning that into something else. Also, condensing multiple people into one character. Anyway, maybe someday it could be a usable script. For now, it has been a good learning experience. I do feel like I can grow these few scenes I have into a full feature length movie if I put the time into it. Its just hard to say how interesting it will be at this time, I feel like it will be good but since I've never done it before I can't say for sure.

I guess I sound pretty creative lately after all that. It feels good to just let yourself kind of flow out through all that. We'll see what comes of it.

Also, since the last blog I've permanantly switched to Firefox instead of IE after it crashed on me one last time. I recommend everyone switch to Firefox, I haven't looked back since the switch. I noticed my blog page is kind of jacked up in Firefox seeing as the footer shows up somewhere on the top right. I'll try to fix that as soon as I get a chance.