When you blink your eyes...

He's got free willies...

Well, I'm finally coming back home tomorrow morning. I can't say I'm not ready to get back to the good old USA.

Kevin came through with the hotel room for the last night. Since he's been staying at a Hyatt in Wichita for about 3 months he's a diamond member. He got a free night at the one here and I think 1 night is normally 250-300 USD. We are in the VIP rooms and its very nice. A bunch of free goodies.

Yesterday and today I saw a bunch more sites in London including St. Paul's Cathedral, Tower Bridge, Millennium Bridge, Tate Modern Museum, London Bridge, The London Eye, and bunch of other stuff along the river walk on the Thames.

I mainly went to the Tate Modern Museum to see their photography exhibits, they didn't have a whole lot but it was quality. I also saw some Monet, Picasso, Dali, Warhol and others like that. Its a pretty good setup they've got there. There was an interesting area just devoted to The human form and nudes. There was a unique piece by an artist I can't remember, it was of a crazed homeless man that had 3 penis's. As I walked by a little English boy said to his mom. "Look mum, 'es got 'free willies." I found that pretty amusing.

I also happened upon an excellent photography exhibit on the walk along the Thames. It was of a local photographer Colin O'Brien. His work reminded me a lot of my style. I saw one I really liked a lot he had there of Morrissey in Concert in Manchester from this year. I think I've got a couple that could turn out as good.

I went to see another photography exhibit I read about called "The Photographer's Gallery" which is near the Leicester Square area. It turned out to be worth the walk over there. Some excellent pieces, it really inspired me to get more into photography because I think what I am doing is as good or can be as good as what I saw there. It inspired me to try to get a little more risky on taking impromptu photos of people I see. Sometimes you have to risk getting beat up, arrested, or even killed to get a great photo. I'm not quite to that level of commitment yet. I think I got a lot of good photos, but I know of several that would have been amazing if I would have taken that extra risk to just go for it.

I also did some more shopping today and got some business casual clothes so I can hopefully get on first class on the way home. I finally got a pair of driving moccasins that I'd been looking for a long time. It turns out I wear a size 12 UK and size 46 Europe in case anyone is interested.

Its 7pm now and I plan on relaxing the rest of the time. Kevin is still rushing around trying to see some of the things I already saw that he missed while he was sick. I plan on getting something to eat then trying to see what free alcohol I can get from the hotel since we are in the VIP floor. I think its an open bar all the time there.

I think the flight leaves around 9-10AM GMT. Its about an 8 hour flight from London Gatwick to Atlanta. The time jumps 6 hours back so it should only be about 2 hours later when we arrive. That means I should hopefully get back at a decent time on Sunday if we are able to make the flights and not wait.

I will write more about the trip when I get back and I can sum up my opinions on England and its similarities and differences to the US.